MRVIEW intensity scaling

Hi. I have a question on intensity scaling of mrview tool.
I obtain DTI and DKI metrics which are very dark in their intensities. For example:

If I change intensity scaling in mrview colorbar and obtain a much more visible image:

I was wandering which is the most correct way to display DTI and DKI maps all together and setting their relative colorbar correctly.

There is no one “correct” way to set the intensity ranges for DTI metrics. You should set them in such a way that you can best appreciate the features you want to demonstrate (and then stick to this range when comparing images of the same metric).

That said, there are some sensible choices for most parameters, e.g.:

  • FA is limited to the range of [0,1] , so it makes sense to use the same range for display.
  • Diffusivities (ADC,AD,RD, tensor eigenvalues) are stored in mm2/s and should typically not exceed the self-diffusion coefficient of free water at body temperature (which is approximately 0.003 mm2/s). So it makes a lot of sense to set the range for diffusivities to [0, 0.003] as you already did.

Ok thank you very much !
And how about DKI maps? Which is the ideal best intensity range?