Mrview multiple overlays colourmaps

I want to overlay multiple images onto a FA image, each with their own colourmap using command line arguments; similar to what fslview has. So far I have the following command:

mrview -overlay.load 5TTvis_dwispace_edge.nii.gz -overlay.opacity 0.4 -overlay.colourmap 1 -overlay.load 5TTvis_dwispace_edge2.nii.gz -overlay.opacity 0.4 -overlay.colourmap 2

It seems to only use the second colourmap argument.

Any thoughts?

I’ve implemented it in the dev branch. Pull request is here. In the meantime, if you want to use it right away, you’d need to use the feature branch:

git fetch
git checkout mrview_overlay_load_single_selected
# ./configure

To go back to master:

git checkout master
# ./configure

That works perfectly. Thank you.
In the overlay list, there is the option to have a single colour. I would like to use this to have say red and green for the overlays. Is this possible via the command line?

That is currently not supported. I’ve opened a github issue.