MRView - Position "Overlay" above "Tractography"


I am trying to create a figure in mrview, which shows an ROI mask (that I have loaded as an overlay) and the corresponding tracts (loaded in the Tractography option as a .tck file).

When loading both, even if I minimize the opacity of the tracts, it is always positioned above the overlay. How do I make it so that the overlay is positioned above the tracts?

I’ve attached some images - I want the red ROI (the VIM) to be visible above the tracts at all times. Currently the tracts are always on top.


Hi Sabir,

The mrview tools are strictly drawn in order from top to bottom. While it would be conceptually possible to allow the user to reorder those tools to influence the draw order, that’s not something currently available nor intended for future development.

Practically the far easier solution is to defer such an operation to an image editing tool. Use the mrview screenshot tool to acquire images with different contents, and then use the multiple layer capabilities of a tool such as Gimp to combine them. So for instance here, you could grab a screenshot of the ROI with the main image hidden (so that the red voxels are literally the only contents of the image), load that image into Gimp, select and delete all black voxels in order to make them transparent, and then paste that image as a new layer onto the image containing the anatomy & tracks.


Hey Rob,

So sorry for the late reply. Thanks so much for the help!