Multishell "single tissue"

Hi MRTrix Team,

thanks a lot fpor your work “really” and the allways fast support! I hope you get the funding, because we need you!

Here is my question. I like your multi shell multi tissue calculations, but for a special study I need to use the white matter response for the whole brain, like we did years ago with the older MRTrix for the Gray Matter.
I tried to be a dumm user and gave the dwi2fod algorithm the white matter response for the Gray matter tooo, but it took 74 hours of calculation and the FODs were not usable. I dont really looked into the algorithm, but I guess it wont work. Is there a way to use the multi shell (msmt_csd --> ms_csd? :slight_smile: ), since I have B:0,1000,200,3000 over the whole brain? I could use the old algorithm (csd), but then I have to choose one shell and will lose a lot of data. Or do I have a basic misunderstanding?

I know, its a special wish, but sometimes you have something like it in the code,

Yours, Ralf

MSMT CSD supports multiple shells for 1 tissue: dwi2fod msmt_csd dwi.mif rf.txt odf.mif

Ah cool, didnt try it. So it will skip the multi tissue thing and will go over the whole brain? I will try. Thanks you!