Node Coordinates in MNI space

Hello mrtrix gurus,

Please forgive my neophyte status here: To go further with david142’s topic on node coords in mni space, I have followed your suggestions as listed here Node coordinates in MNI space?. However, I am having issues compiling the mrcentre.cpp, where I get the error;
“types.h:64:26: fatal error: Eigen/Geometry: No such file or directory #include <Eigen/Geometry>”

I have downloaded the most recent version of Eigen3 and still get that error. Also searched the Eigen package for the specified command file but can’t find it anywhere. Any help on how to compile mrcentre.cpp and obtain mni coordinates for fs_a2009s?

Many thanks,

Hi Ade,

I realise it’s been a while since this was originally posted… Did you get anywhere with your issue? If not, can you clarify what system / OS you’re using, and how you originally managed to install MRtrix3? If you’d previously managed to get it compiled, it really should be enough to dump the new mrcentre.cpp file in the cmd/ folder and type ./build