Nodes in individual space

Hi Mrtrix3 community

I have tried to solve this a number of ways but have so far failed, so i expect there is a simple solution that i am missing…
i would like to create nodes in individual subject space - not MNI or any other. I followed the tutorial here but the node template is then always in a different space to the dwi or the t1 - even if the t1 and dwi are registered together.
I tried registering the node template to the individual scans but they still do not overlay at all. Note that I do not get any errors to show you.
Is there a simple solution that I am missing?!

thank you in advance !


Hi Beth,

Apologies for the delay in responding – we’ve all been a bit overwhelmed with the ISMRM and MRtrix workshop last week…

Can you provide a bit more information regarding exactly what you tried? And how you assess the results of the registration? Do the nodes not overlay correctly with the T1 in MRView? There’s a few ‘features’ specific to MRView that have thrown people in the past, notably the ‘lock to image axes’ button.

Can you post the output of mrinfo for all 3 images (DWI, T1 & parcellation)? And maybe post some screenshots to illustrate the problem?