NVIDIA drivers for Mrview

Hi All, I have just returned from mat leave and my baby brain accidentally updated my nvidia driver. Now Mrview has stopped working properly! Could you please let me know which version of nvidia would be appropriate to get mrview to work again. I’m running ubuntu 14.04 and a Gallium 0.4 on NVC1 card.

Hi Rishma,

This should typically not cause issues; but it sounds like a similar experience I’ve had myself a couple of times, where immediately after a driver update things that relied upon it stopped working. The solution is simply to restart your computer, so whatever is involved with the driver update can successfully wrap up and become correctly available to software that needs it. This is also the kind of update that I would expect Ubuntu to afterwards yield a “Restart your system to start using your updated software” pop up (or something like that; not sure about the exact message).

If restarting the computer doesn’t fix it, let us know what mrview -debug gives you as an output; that should help us figure out what the specific problem is!


Yup that did the trick! phew! thank you!!

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