OHBM Hybrid Brainhack 2022 attendance 1 minute survey

Survey link: https://forms.gle/WcF1BdT9VuivxNzH6

Brainhack is an innovative meeting format that promotes scientific collaboration and education in an open, inclusive environment, introduced in 2012. Since 2013, OHBM Brainhack has been a satellite event of the Organisation for Human Brain Mapping annual meeting, engaging the OHBM community, as well as enthusiast neuroscientists and open science software developers in three days of collaborations and learning by participation in projects and conversations. In 2022 we will not only celebrate ten years of Brainhack, but also the return of an in-person format with some virtual components, working towards a hybrid model.

After two years of virtual events, the community’s idea about an ideal conference is also evolving. The first in-person event after two years poses a challenge, to understand the needs of the community. We would like to invite you to fill out this 1 minutes survey about your interest in attending the event, in person or virtually. The result will help us understand the consensus of the community, and potential logistics needs, such as venue booking and equipment. You can answer until the 3rd of December 12 PM UTC.

To read more about the brainhack community, have a look at this short paper: https://psyarxiv.com/rytjq/

More information about the event coming in 2022!

Survey link: https://forms.gle/WcF1BdT9VuivxNzH6

Your help is appreciated!

OHBM Brainhack organisation team
Hao-Ting Wang, Stefano Moia, Jinglei Lv