Opening shview issues

Hi MRtrix3 community!

I’m currently starting to work with MRtrix3 and came across a weird issue. After estimating the respective response functions for WM, GM and CSF, I wanted to visualize my output with shview. However, using the command “shview” in the terminal gives me the following error: “/usr/local/bin/…/mrtrix3/bin/ No such file or directory”. However, in my applications I can find shview and can open it normally. Reinstalling MRtrix didn’t seem to solve this issue. Did anyone else came across this error and knows how to solve it? Thank you very much for your help!

Sorry, this is a mistake in our binary installer that will be fixed on the next release :frowning:

To fix it, please run the following command:

nano -w $(which shview)

and then replace the string with and save the file.

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shview wm.txt
works for me.
How about voxels overlay?

Thank you very much for your help! It works now. Maybe important for others: I had to run a root shell with sudo -s, otherwise it told me “permission denied”.