Optimal Acquisition Parameters

Dear MRtrix Developers and Community,

My imaging center has just upgraded to a 3T Siemens PRISMA magnet.

Having the opportunity to start a diffusion imaging study on this magnet today, I am wondering what acquisition parameters you would suggest?

This is a longitudinal study that has been undertaken over the past 15 years, and hopefully will continue into the foreseeable future. Our study is within pediatric cohorts, so keeping scanning time to a reasonable time (5-10 min for diffusion) is really the only constraint. If interested, here is a recent review that highlights the project including two studies I have published using MRtrix.

Thank you for your thoughts and excellent software!

Best, Derek

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Just a clarification of my colleague’s question: A protocol < 10 minutes long that can be used for mrtrix’s constrained spherical deconvolution.

I’m starting a study using a Siemens Prisma and also trying to get the optimal paramters to do tractography using Matrix. I’m trying to fit my the diffusion sequence in 10 minutes. Have you make progress with your protocol?