Option "-norealign" does not work anymore

Dear Mrtrix developers,

I have been using MRtrix for a while now and since the last update I realized that the option “-norealign” does not work anymore when trying to launch the mrview or the mrinfo command.
Did you remove this option or replace it with another one ?

As an information, I am using Mrtrix on windows and I did the last update last Friday (23/10/2020) using “git pull”. My mrtrix version is :
“== mrconvert 3.0.2-4-g994abf74 ==
64 bit release version, built Oct 23 2020, using Eigen 3.3.7”

Thank you in advance for your help,

Hi Louise,

This was changed in 3.0.0, but the relevant commit was somewhat lost in the complexities of the corresponding Pull Request, and it seems I failed to include it in the changelog (it’s a lot to remember!).

With the introduction of the new command-line option -config, which allows transient setting of configuration file entries, the same functionality can be achieved by using “-config RealignTransform false”, and is furthermore no longer applicable to only the mrview and mrinfo commands.