Output File Error


I am doing tractography with specific ROIs and getting the following error message:
tckgen -seed_gmwmi 5tt_mask.mif -act 5ttseg.mif -crop_at_gmwmi -seeds 1000000 -include raparc+aseg_labels_label7.nii -include raparc+aseg_labels_label8.nii -include raparc+aseg_labels_label46.nii -include raparc+aseg_labels_label47.nii fod.mif cerebellar.tck -force

tckgen: [WARNING] existing output files will be overwritten

Would appreciate your help! Thanks!

This is just a warning, and will always be printed on the terminal if the -force option is used in the command-line.

MRtrix commands normally try very hard not to overwrite existing files in case that wasn’t the user’s intention, since that can lead to loss of data (and in my case, often has!). When you’re using the -force option, you’re giving the command permission to overwrite existing files, and we made the design decision to warn the users about it. That’s all it is.