Overlapped ROIs image and diffusion images

Dear MRtrix3 experts,
Now I got an image with 30 ROIs based on registration procedures. When I used MRIcron to check the images, it perfectly overlapped the diffusion image. But when I opened same datasets using MRtrix3, the ROIs apparently moved a bit left. Does anyone happen the similar problem or any suggestions?
Thanks in advance for your attention!
Best regards,

Hi Changhong,

It’s difficult to tell what’s going on here; it depends a lot on exactly how both software viewers align the images they are displaying. MRtrix3 is the only one we have any control over though.

  • Do the two images have the same transformation matrix? Sometimes viewer softwares ignore the transform of an overlay image and instead assume that the voxels of the two images align perfectly. mrview doesn’t make this assumption, and so could therefore be highlighting an issue that’s worth looking into.

  • Are you using the overlay tool in mrview, or simply flicking between images?

  • Are you able to capture some screenshots to precisely demonstrate the issue, and also post the output of mrinfo for each of the images in question?