Philips data


I noticed that MRtrix cannot handle my Philips DICOM data?
Any idea why?
Iv already processed this data in other program with no error…

Thank you

Not sure whether this is duplicate of your other post? But assuming it isn’t, you’ll need to be a bit more specific than that. At the very least, some information about the data you’re trying to process, what command is failing (including the full command line), and the full output of the failing command.

For the record, I’ve not had any particular issues with Phillips data for the last 4 years, other than the usual idiosyncrasies to do with the specifics of the parameters used to acquire the image (same as for any other scanner…).

Just guessing now: Philips sometimes adds a trace map at the end of the acquisition. Although it is discarded by mrtrix applications (Export_grad_fsl different in mrinfo than in mrconvert), perhaps it is still a troublemaker in your application?
If the trace map is not the issue, then indeed more detail will be necessary