Pipeline for connectivity based parcellation

Dear Mrtrix experts,
I would like to perform connectivity based parcellation applying k-means clustering algorithm. I already carried out connectivity based parcellation with a hypothesis driven approach employing whole brain tractography.
I am looking for employing k-means to do a hypothesis driven/data driven comparison. If I well understood, I need to obtain a matrix computing tractography between each voxel of my seed region and all target regions, then apply k-means algorithm to obtain a number k of non-overlapping clusters derived from similarity of connectivity profiles among voxels.
I read previous discussions on this forum and I would ask you if this pipeline is suitable to achieve what I am looking for:

  1. Use maskdump with the seed region to obtain voxel location
  2. Use mredit to obtain single voxels ROIs
  3. Use tckedit filter out connectivity profiles of each voxel from the whole brain tractography

How can I obtain the matrices requested to perform k-means clustering (i.e. on MATLAB)?

Is this correct? are there any ways to obtain matrices more properly?
Thank you in advance for any help or precious suggestion


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