Population_template error: FOD image does not contain 3 spatial dimensions


I tried to use the 2 tissue CSD approach where I fed the WM and CSF response functions to dwi2fod and mtnormalise. However, now when I try to run the population_template I get the error that the normalised FOD_wm

does not contain 3 spatial dimensions.

How do I get around this.


Hi @Isaac,

I moved your post into a new topic since it was a bit off topic in the thread it was posted to; I hope you don’t mind. You’ll have better chances of it not going unnoticed and getting an answer in this way. Can you post the output of mrinfo on the image(s) you’re trying to feed to population_template? @maxpietsch might be able to explain the scenario(s) that can trigger this error.


Thanks for getting back to me very quickly. I have attached a screenshot of the mrinfo of the images that I plan to feed to population_template. Apart from M0_07, all the other 19 images have similar info as M0_01.

What is the output of mrinfo of the image that is printed as part of this error message?


So I figured out what was wrong. It is embarrassing to say that it was a problem with my .bashrc that was calling a different population_template and not the required.