Possible installation error | Ubuntu 16.04

Hi all,

I have just installed MRtrix3 on my new ubuntu laptop running 16.04LTS. During the build process, what looked like errors popped up. Unfortunately, it is not clear to me what has gone wrong. I have copied the output of the command line to a google doc:

If this is not enough I can copy and paste the contents of the .log file.

Does anyone know what went wrong?


I can’t see any errors in your log. There are some warnings of comparisons between unsigned and signed integer variables.

We probably should change the code of the affected files: core/file/mgh.h in a few places and in core/adapter/permute_axes.h in one line but the warnings should be safe to ignore.

Thanks very much!

Just a clarification here, since similar logs have been posted to the forum in the past:

If the terminal output from the build script goes through the total number of indicated compilation jobs - in this case 495, see the last line of the log:

(495/495) [LB] bin/mtbin

, and returns the user to the terminal, then any additional text that has been printed to the terminal over and above the names of the compiled files should contain warnings only (and you’ll most likely find the word “warning” in said text). If there is a genuine error in compilation, then not only will the build script most likely fail to complete the indicated number of tasks, but the terminal will also run the less program and present the error output from the compiler within it.

In the case of warnings only, it’s still handy for us to see the output so that we can fix the offending code, but in almost all cases the code will actually behave perfectly normally and there’s no need to panic.