Postdoctoral Fellowship in Neuroimaging (MRI & DWI)

Dear MRTrix3 Community,

Please consider the job opportunity below and share with any colleagues who may be interested.

The LandiLab (PI: Nicole Landi, PhD at Haskins Laboratories (which is closely affiliated with Yale and the University of Connecticut) is seeking to hire a postdoctoral research fellow. This postdoc will join a project investigating the neurobiological basis (brain structure, genetics) of reading. The successful applicant will be responsible for conducting and interpreting analyses of neuroimaging data (structural and diffusion imaging data). This position is part of a multi-site project (Haskins Laboratories, University of Houston, Baylor College of Medicine) that is aggregating and analyzing neuroimaging and genotyping data from multiple locations to explore gene-brain-behavior relationships. Applicants must have a background conducting research using MRI. The ideal candidate will also have experience with diffusion weighted imaging (DWI) and experience with advanced statistical analysis of imaging data (e.g. imaging-genetic analyses, Bayesian methods, machine learning). For details regarding required qualifications and application procedure, please visit:

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Meaghan Perdue