Postdoctoral Position in Neuroimaging

We are seeking to recruit a post-doctoral fellow focused on neuroinformatics. Anticipated research focus for this position would be to lead a major multi-site effort to aggregate, process, harmonize, curate, and publicly release major large-scale neuroimaging studies of brain development (anticipated n>10,000). Specifically, the fellow will be expected to create robust, reproducible, and scalable pipelines for the analysis of both structural and functional imaging data. Furthermore, the fellow will use sophisticated multivariate analytics to understand how abnormal patterns of brain development associate with and predict neuropsychiatric syndromes. As such, the position will involve working as part of a highly-interdisciplinary research team, with particular emphasis on collaborative work with leaders including Matthew Cieslak (imaging informatics), Christos Davatzikos (multivariate pattern analysis), Danielle Bassett (network theory), Taki Shinohara (imaging statistics), and Mike Milham (Child Mind Institute; brain development and open science). To work effectively in this highly collaborative environment, the applicant must have superior communication, language, and writing skills. The applicant must have completed their Ph.D. in, engineering or computational neuroscience (preferred), psychology, or statistics with an established record of high productivity. Expertise in Python, R, and neuroimaging software (e.g., ANTs, FSL, AFNI, FreeSurfer, MRtrix3) is required; experience with NiPype and Docker is highly desirable. Salary is quite flexible and based upon experience; position is contingent upon funding. Applicants should email their CV and cover letter to Ted Satterthwaite ( and Matthew Cieslak (