Primate Fixel Based Analyses Feasibility?


Sorry for the onslaught of recent questions, but they seem too unrelated to put in a single thread. I was wondering if, besides the low b-value in my situation (b=800) and general difficulty of approximating a good brain mask in primates, there was anything precluding an FBA in primates. The one step that I would usually be worried about is registration to a common template. However, I would think using a cohort-derived template would mean that it should work even for primates. I have yet to find a report of SS3T performance on macaque data, which may be another limiting factor (especially at my low b-val). I can always try and report back, but if there was any reason that it would not even be worth trying, that would be nice to know so I don’t invest the time for nothing.


Hi Steven,

FBA’s been used across a number of different species; as long as the template is appropriate (which is best achieved by generating it from your own cohort), it shouldn’t be an issue, though masking can be challenging as you say.

I’m not experienced with SS3T myself, but I don’t see any reason why it would not be applicable in a different species as long as the basic properties of the three presumed tissue types are consistent (in terms of relative anisotropy & decay as a function of b-value). You may find more information / examples from others over at the relevant software.


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