Problem with assesing the dwi_norm_scale_factor


I am making my first attempt at fixel based analysis and I am using the standard preprocessing pipline for dmri multishell (0, 500, 1250, 2500) data (denoise, degibbs, fslpreproc, ants biascorr). Then I extract onkly 0 and 2500 shells for singleshell fixel based analysis as it is recommended to aid the interpretation AFD. Then I move on to Global intensity normalisation across subjects, which seems to work fine (I changed the fa_threshold to 0.3 fromt he default 0.4 because it produces a better wm mask). However when I try to output the scale factor applied for all subjects and use mrinfo ../dwinormalise/dwi_output/* -property dwi_norm_scale_factor it produces an error : mrinfo: [WARNING] no “dwi_norm_scale_factor” entries found in “…/dwinormalise/dwi_output/Nawa_056.mif” for every participants as if the property does not exist in the normalized file. I would be very grateful for help at this point as I don’t really know if the normalization was done correctly and even if it was I would like to check the equivalence of those factors between the groups. Alle the best, Pawel

So, after I posted this I also found this post Single shell vs. "Single tissue" - #7 by araikes , which made me realize that I was using the wrong pipeline. So now I am doing it along with the multi-tissue csd tutorial and use the SS3T-CSD with my two shells (0, 2500).

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