Public available tracks and images

Dear MRtrix community,

Are there publicly available tracks files (.tck) with corresponding reference image (T1 or T2 or …)?
Looking for a database or a paper that provide these files, ideally even on a large public dataset like the human connectome project.
I know there are some publicly available DWI datasets, on which I could calculate it as well.
But to provide transparency and easy reproducibility it would be advantageous to start from already processed data, it would also save me quite some computation time.

Thank you for any tips in this quest

Hi @Johan_Baijot,

Yes, such data are available via the BATMAN tutorial (an excellent resource provided by @martahedl). You’ll find processed outputs (including various tracks files) in the BATMAN/Supplementary_Files/ folder.

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To add some more options

side note: I think it’s worth putting some thought into what anatomical definitions of different tracts you want to work with, because there’s quite a lot of variation in these datasets due to different interpretations of which areas are part of a given tract. e.g. whether or not corticospinal tract includes medial lemniscus, where the arcuate fasciculus terminates and so on

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