Question about the whole-brain FBA: how to identify which tracts are the significant fixels belong to?

Hi, @jdtournier

I followed the FBA-multi-tissue tutorial and completed the whole workflow. And then I displayed the results with streamlines . Now, I can see where are my significant fixels are, but I don’t know the name of these streamlines, how can I identify which exact tracts are these streamlines belong to? Is there any tool similar to the Atlases in fsleyes in MRview that can help me locate? Or there are other ways can help me?

And in order to compare with TBSS, I aligned my study-specific template with MNI. In this case, can I overlap the index.mif on the JHU atlas to identify the tracts with significant fixels?

Here are my results display with streamlines.

Apology for my stupid question, but this really bordered me for a long time.


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