Read fixel image by using other toolbox

Dear experts

The FD/FDC measures from FBA outputs are fixel-based, is it possible that we can read and do some analyses on these fixel images on other toolbox, ex., matlab or fsl?


Absolutely! We designed the new fixel format so it was (relatively) easy to interact with. The format itself is described here. All the data are stored as regular images, you can load each image into Matlab using load_mrtrix.m (look in the matlab/ folder), or convert it to NIfTI-2 using mrconvert (although few packages currently support NIfTI-2 – FSL included).

However, whether these other packages can do anything useful with data stored like this is another matter… Sure, you can load them in MatLab, but interpreting the data correctly and analysing them sensibly would require bespoke approaches…

Sorry to response late. Thanks very much, this is very helpful for me.