Recommended image acquisition protocol for Siemens Prisma

Hi all,

I was wondering if the MRtrix community had any recommendations for image acquisition protocols for performing diffusion MRI analysis. We are setting up a new study on a Siemens Prisma magnet and it would be nice to get the best data currently possible. Bearing in mind that our study population have epilepsy and will be getting other images acquired too so time is a limited resource. Thanks and hope you are all well :slight_smile:


Hi Heath,
When you say time is limited, how many minutes do you have in mind? @Kerstin has also be looking into this on their Prisma recently.

Hi Heath

We are just trialling a few options on our Prisma. Our plan is to have a long protocol for subjects who can tolerate it, and a shorter one for those who can’t (e.g. one of our studies recruits 8-year-old children). For the short acquisition we are aiming for less than 10 minutes using 2 shells (b=1000 and 3000), for the long one around 15 minutes (extra shell b=2000).
We haven’t quite finalised our protocol just yet, but will hopefully be done in the next week or two.


Hi Kerstin, about ten minutes would be ideal. Would you be willing to share the acquisition protocol? Will follow up off-list

Best wishes