Registration problem : atlas based Volummetric parcellation to diffusion space

I have a problem with registration of atlas to diffusion space, i have tried doing

mri_aparc2aseg --old-ribbon --s KON11 --annot hcpmmp1 --o hcpmmp1.mgz

mrconvert –datatype uint32 hcpmmp1.mgz hcpmmp1.mif

labelconvert hcpmmp1.mif hcpmmp1_original.txt hcpmmp1_ordered.txt hcpmmp1_parcels_nocoreg.mif

mrtransform hcpmmp1_parcels_nocoreg.mif –linear diff2struct_mrtrix.txt –
inverse –datatype uint32 hcpmmp1_parcels_coreg.mif

and i still find improper registration

mrview mean_b0_preprocessed.mif -overlay.load hcpmmp1_parcels_coreg.mif

could some suggest me why my registration doesn’t work


Hi Vasudev,

Did you already align the dwi with the t1? Because the image you show looks like a problem I had some time ago. You might want to have a look at that topic, maybe it helps.

When that registration went well, I had no trouble with registration of the atlas to the diffusion space. Hope it helps!