Reorient_fod and modulate in mrtransform

Hello MRtrix community,

I want to make a symmetric population FOD template using original wmfod_norm.mif files and the fliped ones which were created using mrtransform . But I do not know whether I need to do reorient_fod and modulate or not. I am not sure whether the options will influence the template I got (for further FBA) or not. Could you have some advice on that?

This is the command line I used:
mrtransform -flip 0 -reorient_fod yes wmfod_norm.mif …/${sub}_flip/wmfod_norm.mif

Kitty Zhu

Hi Kitty,

While the FOD-based reorientation using aPSFs is reasonably good, it’s not perfect. Personally I would advocate instead flipping the raw DWI data and re-running CSD.


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