Segmentation fault with mrtrix3 commands (eg, mrgrid -h)

I get a segmentation fault on any mrtrix command even before adding any input, for example mrgrid -h except for one command (mrview -h). I have the mrtrtix 3.0.4 installed on a linux centos system.

cat /etc/os-release - output
VERSION=“7 (Core)”
ID_LIKE=“rhel fedora”

mrview -version - output
== mrview 3.0.4 ==
64 bit release version, built Dec 14 2022, using Eigen 3.3.7

Could you please provide input on this error.

Thank you,

Hi @chand671,

To diagnose this, we’re going to need a lot more information. Can you tell us:

  • were things working at any point? Maybe the problems started after a system update or something?
  • was this compiled from source, or installed as a precompiled package (via anaconda)?
  • if from source:
    • are all your system packages up to date?
    • can you post the full contents of your configure.log & build.log?
    • can you try to narrow down where the segfault occurs, using the instructions on the debugging wiki?
  • if via anaconda:
    • is anaconda up to date?
    • do you see any errors related to libtiff?