Showing the spherical seed ROI

Hello, experts,

I want to show the spherical seed ROI when inspecting the tractography results

There used to be a “show ROI” function in the old MRtrix/0.2

I cannot find the equivalent in MRtrix3

Many thanks


Yes, that’s a feature that is currently missing from MRView. I’ve been wanting to add it back in, but it would take a bit of effort and time to code up, and it’s never made it very high up my priority list… I do think it would be good to add it eventually though, so I’ve file an issue on GitHub to make sure we don’t forget about it.

Thanks, Donald.

Agree that it is not a pressing matter.

I have been using MRtrix/0.2 to visualise the spherical ROIs. It is more a matter of convenience.