Software release: "Karawun" - convert MRtrix tractography studies into DICOM for use in surgical navigation software

Hi all,

We are excited to announce our software release, called “Karawun” to the MRtrix community.

This software allows you to perform conversion of MRtrix tractography along with other Nifti files (e.g. brain and lesion mask, thresholded fMRI blobs…etc) to Brainlab navigation (iplan-cranial) compatible DICOM format. Thus enable intraoperative image guidance using tractography reconstructed from MRtrix.

We hope this tool can encourage research and clinical uptake of MRtrix and CSD-based tractography in the area of neursurgery/surgical image-guidance.

Please spread the words!

For those who are interested, “Karawun” is a grass used as a source of fibre by Aboriginal tribes in south-eastern Australia. We are adding an Aussie twist to the name…


Dr. Joseph Yang and A/Prof. Richard Beare
Royal Children’s Hospital and Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Melbourne, Australia


Silly me, forgot to attached the github link

Here you go:


Dear Joseph,

thank you very much for this great news.

I was wondering if there’s a chance that the resultant DICOM track file can be imported in navigation software from other vendors as well. May I kindly ask for your guess? :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance.

Best regards

Samuel Holly
Jessenius - diagnostic centre
Nitra, Slovakia

Hi, Samuel,

Many thanks for your post.
This version of the software release is specifically for Brainlab - which is the resident neuronavigation software used at our hospital.

It is possible our current DICOM converter may work for other navigation vendors, if they use the same DICOM format as Brainlab. We have not looked into these other navigation platforms just yet, but anticipate to work on them next if there is a demand, with Medtronic Stealth being the next obvious one to target.

Hope this answers your question



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