Specifically assess the integrity of thalamic subnuclei connections

Hello everyone,

I have earnestly read two Articles of University College London (Professor Rimona Sharon Weil Team) aboat assessing the integrity of thalamic subnuclei connections by Mean FC.
Article1: DOI: 10.1038/s41531-021-00270-y
Article2: DOI: 10.1136/jnnp-2021-326630
Two Articles share the very same Method:
To specifically assess the integrity of thalamic subnuclei connections, we generated specific tracts per hemisphere from each of the 50 thalamic subnuclei:
(1) Each subnucleus was registered to the population template using linear registration with NiftyReg.
(2) Subsequently, a tractogram for each thalamic subnucleus was generated using probabilistic tractography on the population template.
(3) Streamlines were initiated in each thalamic subnucleus to the ipsilateral hemisphere, with the rest of the thalamus excluded to minimise overlap between tracts.
(4) This resulted in a single tract-­of-­interest from each thalamic subnucleus to the cortex.
(5) Mean FC was then calculated across each tract-­of-­interest per participant.

I have generated 50 thalamic subnuclei from 3DT1 by Freesurfer, and acquisited FBA method from MRtrix Documentation (Release 3.0). However, I can’t find a detailed experimental method and really spend a long time to recur the above method (and I can’t do it by myself). Could you please guide me to learn the above analysis methods through one example?
Thank you very much.