ss3t_csd_beta1 Segmentation fault: Invalid memory access


When I ran the command “ss3t_csd_beta1 ss3t_csd_fod_path/data_b1000_g32.mif ss3t_csd_fod_path/RF_WM.txt ss3t_csd_fod_path/WM_FODs.nii.gz ss3t_csd_fod_path/RF_GM.txt ss3t_csd_fod_path/GM_FODs.nii.gz ss3t_csd_fod_path/RF_CSF.txt ss3t_csd_fod_path/CSF_FODs.nii.gz -mask brain_mask.nii.gz -force”
things went well, but the following error occurred during the output phase:

ss3t_csd_beta1: Generating outputs…
ss3t_csd_beta1: [ERROR] mrconvert fod_wm_3.mif /home/q/dataset/100610/ss3t_csd_fod_path/WM_FODs.nii.gz (ss3t_csd_beta1:207)
ss3t_csd_beta1: [ERROR] Information from failed command:
mrconvert: [WARNING] existing output files will be overwritten
mrconvert: [SYSTEM FATAL CODE: SIGSEGV (11)] Segmentation fault: Invalid memory access
ss3t_csd_beta1: [ERROR] For debugging, inspect contents of scratch directory: /home/q/dataset/100610/ss3t_csd_beta1-tmp-EP116N/
ss3t_csd_beta1: Scratch directory retained; location: /home/q/dataset/100610/ss3t_csd_beta1-tmp-EP116N/

For this reason, I looked at lines 207-209 of the code in 11 and found that only the format conversion operation was not completed, should I change the original code to fix the error, or can I directly manually mrconvert to convert the format from the generated intermediate file