TBSS Study

this is my project bachelor study: The Tract-based spatial statistics (TBSS) technique to investigate a group of subjects affected (FSL toolbox) to differentiate the two groups of subjects (patients vs controls) on neuro disease.
Please guide me step by step with queries from scratch to end complete project, I don’t have any experience with this.


TBSS is a fractional anisotropy analysis pipeline that was introduced by FSL. Basically, the pipeline registers al the maps to a common template and skeletonised the data. Once you are familiar with the data, basically you can do almost every step with the software you like and analyze any map you like. If you are new with the process, I suggest you took a look to the official step by step guide.

The pipeline assumes that you already have your FA maps. If you don’t, you’ll have to generate them processing the diffusion data with the software you prefer. You can find several resources online, for example in the MRtrix or FSL webpages. Another useful link is the FSL forum. I hope this helps.

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