Tck2connectome outputs for track length are very small

I have used the following command to find track lengths between pair of ROIs.
tckgen -act 5tt_coreg.mif -backtrack -seed_gmwmi gmwmSeed_coreg.mif -maxlength 250 -cutoff 0.06 -select 10000000 wmfod_norm.mif tracks_10M.tck -force
time tcksift2 -act 5tt_coreg.mif -out_mu sift_mu.txt -out_coeffs sift_coeffs.txt -nthreads 8 tracks_10M.tck wmfod_norm.mif sift_10M.txt
tck2connectome -symmetric -zero_diagonal -tck_weights_in sift_10M.txt tracks_10M.tck sub_parcellated.mif track_length.csv --scale_length -stat_edge mean -force

I found very small values of track length as given below

Can you help to find the error?

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