Tckconvert -image2scanner

Hello, I am converting tmp.tck (total count: 138227) into tmp1.tck using the following command,
tckconvert -force -image2scanner mask.nii tmp.tck tmp1.tck. But, the output tmp1.tck has only a half size of input streamlines (69114) as shown below. Any thought on this ??

datatype: ‘Float32LE’
count: ‘69114’
total_count: ‘138227’
data: {1×69114 cell}

Can I just check: are you sure that the original tmp.tck file didn’t also have the same count field of 69114? It’s actually pretty rare for these two fields to match – the total_count field refers to the total number of streamlines successfully seeded, but many won’t survive the various tests subsequently applied (minimum length, include/exclude, etc.)… It doesn’t refer to the number of streamlines actually in the file itself.

If you can confirm that the count field genuinely doesn’t match before and after conversion, then we’ll need to investigate. Also, please try running tckinfo -count: this forces an explicit count of the streamlines in the file, rather than merely reporting the value in the header.