Tckedit exclude include

Dear all,

I found some interesting behavior with the include exclude filters of tckedit that I am not able to fully understand.

The data for the test case can be downloaded here. I ran the following two commands.

tckedit UFSketch.tck -include axialslice.nii.gz UFSketch_IncludeFilter.tck
tckedit UFSketch.tck -exclude axialslice.nii.gz UFSketch_ExcludeFilter.tck

The include filter doesn’t seem to include all the tracts passing through the axial slice and the exclude filter doesn’t seem to exclude all the tracts passing through the axial slice. It could be an issue with the header differences between axialslice.nii.gz and fa.nii.gz but I am not sure and am not able to pinpoint what it is. Could you kindly help me with this!

Thanks so much.

Hi all,

I noticed this post and it made it clear that the stepsize could be the issue. Once I dilated the axial slice the exclude filter is working as expected.

Thanks so much!
Happy holidays and new year to all.