Tckgen checkpointing

Dear all,

I saw in one of the threads Donald mentioning that tckgen can be interrupted and the .tck file will still be usable. This actually made me think if there are “checkpointing” features in MRtrix3. Can we for example, interrupt tckgen and restart with the partial tractogram as the input? I realize I might be asking for too much but given the amazing developer team I thought I would just ask anyways :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help!


OK, you can actually kind of achieve what you’re after already, at least for the stochastic seeding methods. Simply run the same tckgen command again, using -num to request however many streamlines you need to achieve the total you need, and then merge the two sets using tckedit. Obviously this won’t work for the deterministic seeders since the seed locations are used in order…

Aha! I didn’t realize tckedit has the capability to merge. Thanks so much Donald. Seems like you guys implement things so basically that almost all the needs related to tractography can be met from your existing commands :slight_smile:
Thanks again!