Tckgen fiber count


in my tckgen command I specified that I would like to have 5 million fibers in my tractogram. This is how my command looks like:

tckgen RF_wm_dhollander.mif ifod2_5M.tck -algorithm iFOD2 -act 5TT.mif -cutoff 0.06 -maxlength 300 -select 5000000 -seed_dynamic RF_wm_dhollander.mif

When using tckinfo to see detailed information on my tractogram, the value under “total_count” is 31 million. As I pre-set the limit to 5 million fibers, could you please tell me what those 31 million fibers represent? Do they include fibers that did not meet the inclusion criteria (such as min. length, etc.)? Does this mean tckgen needed 31 million attempts to find 5 million fibers that do meet the inclusion criteria?

I would appreciate your help very much.

Thank you,