Tckgen running forever and selecting 1 streamline

I am running tckgen between two ROIs (Amygdala - PFC) and initially used -select 10000 as a test run that took 130min to complete but only selected 1 streamline.
tckgen: [100%] 10000000 seeds, 5451563 streamlines, 1 selected

I updated to -select 10000000 and the program seems to run for 12 hours so far with only 1 selected from the log output.

The full code:
time tckgen -seed_image ${mask1} -include ${mask2} -stop -act ${dir_out_sub}/${subject}_T1_5tt_coreg.mif -crop_at_gmwmi -nthreads 8 -maxlength 250 -select 10000000 -cutoff 0.06 -force ${dir_out_sub}/wmfod_norm_${subject}.mif ${dir_out_sub}/ROI_SeedTractography/tckgen/noends/noends_${tracklabel}_${hemi}_${subject}.tck

Im not sure why my selected streamlines are so low