Tckgen time demand

Dear community,

I`m trying to do a tractography between dlPFC (seed) and vmPfC (target).

tckgen MMSP01/MMSP01_FOD.mif MMSP01/MMSP01_tract_DLPFC_NMM_GM_ONLY_mPFC3.tck -algorithm ifod2 -seed_image MMSP01/wROI_DLPFC_NMM_GM_ONLY.mif -mask MMSP01/MMSP01_brainmask.mif -include MMSP01/wROI_mPFC3.mif -exclude MMSP01/wmwc301_T0_MPRAGE_BIN.mif -step 0.2 -select 2500 -stop -seed_unidirectional

I have about 130 trials. Tckgen seems to take more than 2 weeks for all trails. Is that nomal? I chose 2500 tracts. Is that too much? I didn`t even seperate left and right side of the brain in my ROIs which would probably more than double the time demand.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Leo

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OK, that shouldn’t happen… What you’re doing here is using the -select option to get 2.5k streamlines. By default, tckgen will keep generating randomly-placed seeds (since you’re using the -seed_image option) until that number of streamlines has been selected – up to a maximum of 1000 × the desired number (i.e. 2.5 million seed points). On any reasonably powered workstation, that should only take maybe an hour or so at most. There’s something odd going on…

Can you copy / paste exactly what it says on the terminal right now?