Tcksift [ERROR] Cannot map streamlines: track file is empty


I’m working to implement the MRtrix connectome pipeline on my 60 dir, b=1000 data. I’m able to run the tckgen -act part of the pipeline using the 5ttgen output from our co-registered T1 scans. However, running tcksift seems to produce some different errors when running it on our institution’s HPC cluster.

When I try to run my cases through, some of the cases say “[ERROR] Cannot map streamlines: track file is empty”, while other cases run correctly. I’ve looked at the tckgen files using mrview, and the track file has streamlines and is not empty. Is this an error that anyone has seen before? What can I do to stop getting this error?

Thank you so much!

Hi everyone! It turns out there was an issue with how the job submission script on the HPCC was set up. The original script was using multiple nodes, when the script was changed to multiple cores and 1 node, the script worked with no problem.