tcksift : how to save -output_at_counts files in a specific directory

Hi everyone,

I’m new with Mrtrix so the answer is maybe easy but I didn’t find any previous topic about that !

I am trying to filter tracks of the optic chiasma with tcksift. I would like to save output filtered track files at specific numbers of remaining streamlines with the option -output_at_counts.
This command works :

tcksift -output_at_counts 150,200,300 data/Chiasma_fa_0.2.tck data/fod.nii data/out_fod.tck

It saves the final output out_fod.tck in the data folder as I specified, but the three intermediate track files 150_tracks.tck, 200_tracks.tck and 300_tracks.tck are saved in the directory in which I ran the command. I would like to save these 3 files in the data folder with the original tck files. Is it possible to specify the path to save these 3 files ?

Thank you for your answers !