Tcksift warnings

tckgen …/WM_FOD.mif 10M.tck -seed_image …/…/b0_brain_mask.nii.gz -select 10M
tckgen: [100%] uncompressing image “…/…/b0_brain_mask.nii.gz”
,10 -exclusive 1M.tck path tck_roi/tck
tckgen: [100%] 10967223 seeds, 10729185 streamlines, 10000000 selected
[liuyc@head01 tournier]$ tcksift 10M.tck …/WM_FOD.mif 1M.tck -term_number 1M
tcksift: [100%] Creating homogeneous processing mask
tcksift: [100%] segmenting FODs
tcksift: [100%] mapping tracks to image
tcksift: Iteration Removed Remaining Cost fn
tcksift: [ . ] 2344 18 2427589 5.28%
tcksift: [WARNING] filtering has reached quantisation error but desired termination criterion has not been met;
tcksift: [WARNING] disabling cost function quantisation check
tcksift: [done] 13559 0 1245815 4.01%
tcksift: [WARNING] algorithm terminated before any user-specified termination criterion was met
tcksift: [100%] Writing filtered tracks output file

Here are warnings I have received when performing tcksift, while the number of sifted tracks is still below 1M, are those right tracks?

Another question is that, when I calculate the correlation of two subjects’ ROI-ROI (AAL2) tracks number, the pearson’s correlation is very high (1-2,3-4,5-6 are same person, the number are their correlation ), it seems unreasonable to me, what could be possible reasons for this high correlation?