Tensor2metric - Segmentation Fault

I am using Ubuntu 16.04 and am trying to run the tensor2metric command. However, it is giving me a segmentation fault. I have pulled and built the most up to date version of mrtrix3 from GitHub. This is the error I get:

Please help!

I suspect bias_correct.mif is not a tensor file but a ‘raw’ DWI file. You can verify this by running:

mrinfo bias_correct.mif

If it is a tensor file, the dimensions should be i × j × k × 6. Otherwise you are probably feeding tensor2metric the raw DW images, which will not work (it should not produce a segmentation fault though, so if this is the case, this is something that we have to fix).

Instead what you should do is:

dwi2tensor bias_correct.mif dt.mif
tensor2metric dt.mif -fa fa.mif

Let us know if that works!

Yes that works, thanks so much. Am super new to this software, so appreciate your support!