The results of the dwifslpreproc command are different

Dear MRtrix experts,

I have a set of data that has reversed phase encoding for all DWIs, and when I use the dwifslpreproc command(i.e.,for_each * : dwifslpreproc IN/all_DWIs_denoised_unringed.mif IN/dwi_denoised_unringed_preproc.mif -pe_dir LR -rpe_all -eddy_options " --slm=linear"), some of the data comes up with errors (i.e.,dwifslpreproc: [ERROR] Unable to determine matching reversed phase-encode direction volume for DWI volume 3).For those data that appeared to be incorrect, I extracted the b0.mif with opposite phase encoding (i.e.mean_b0_lr.mif and mean_b0_rl.mif), and synthesized the b0_pair.mif with the mrcat command, then successfully ran the dwifslpreproc command (i.e.,for_each * : dwifslpreproc IN/dwi_lr_denoised_unringed.mif IN/dwi_denoised_unringed_preproc.mif -pe_dir LR -rpe_pair -se_epi IN/b0_pair.mif -align_seepi -eddy_options " --slm=linear"), but when I looked at the dwi_denoised_unringed_preproc.mif formed by the two methods, I found that they are not the same.

I hope you can help solve my problem.

I am very much thankful to you.

Best Regards,

I’ve solved the problem, just need to change the intensity scaling values