Tractogram weights through connectome

Hello experts,

I’m trying to make a few figures, and would like to colour-code all streamlines of a bundle using the weight of my connectome, for basically every single bundles.

Any tips?

Thank you!

It’s much easier than what I initially thought,
I’ll drop the few lines matlab I made for myself here:

conn = readmatrix('connectome');
tck_assign  = readmatrix('assignments.txt');

[x,y] = size(tck_assign);


for i = 1:x

    if tck_assign(i,1) == 0 || tck_assign(i,2) == 0
        tckw(i) = 0;
        tckw(i) = conn(tck_assign(i,1),tck_assign(i,2));


 csvwrite('weights_by_tck.csv', tckw);