Tractography in Medtronic Neuronavigation

Hi everyone!

We are trying to use a tractography that we have generated using MRtrix for a surgical case. We would like to load the tractography into the Medtronic neuronavigation suite, but we are having some issues while converting the .tck to a .dcm that could be read by the neuronavigation.

We know that Karawun could do this conversion for a Brainlab suite, but we are not sure that this would work on Medtronic. Is there anyone who has had the same problem? Otherwise, how could you use a .tck during Medtronic neuronavigation?

Thank you for your help.



We’ve done some limited checks of this. The short answer is that at the at moment we don’t think the dcm format produced by karawun will allow any version of medtronic stealth to display streamlines.

The longer version - StealthStation V7 has no capability to display streamlines in the way mrview/brainlab to (3d ball of yarn view). StealthStation V8 apparently does have this capability, but we haven’t had a chance to test it. We strongly suspect that the dicom format it will support, if any, will be the newer tractography result format. Karawun uses a predecessor format ( based on surface segmentation), but we hope to update in our next release.