Troubleshooting Error in MRtrix Normalization Process

Hello MRtrix community,
I’m using MRTrix for preprocessing DTI scans for constructing tractographs and connectoms. I am facing a challenge with Normalizing wmfod, using command:
I’m encountering an error while attempting to normalize data using the mtnormalize command in MRtrix:
mtnormalize wmfod.mif wmfod_norm.mif gmfod.mif gmfod_norm.mif csffod.mif csffod_norm.mif -mask mask.mif

The error message reads:
[ERROR] Non-positive tissue balance factor was computed. Balance factors: -nan -nan -nan

I’ve searched extensively but haven’t found a solution yet.
If anyone has encountered this error before or has insights on how to address it, I’d greatly appreciate your guidance.

Thank you!

the issue is resolved by modifying the command as follows:

mtnormalize wmfod.mif wmfod_norm.mif csffod.mif csffod_norm.mif -mask mask.mif