Troubleshooting Error in MRtrix Normalization Process

Hello MRtrix community,
I’m using MRTrix for preprocessing DTI scans for constructing tractographs and connectoms. I am facing a challenge with Normalizing wmfod, using command:
I’m encountering an error while attempting to normalize data using the mtnormalize command in MRtrix:
mtnormalize wmfod.mif wmfod_norm.mif gmfod.mif gmfod_norm.mif csffod.mif csffod_norm.mif -mask mask.mif

The error message reads:
[ERROR] Non-positive tissue balance factor was computed. Balance factors: -nan -nan -nan

I’ve searched extensively but haven’t found a solution yet.
If anyone has encountered this error before or has insights on how to address it, I’d greatly appreciate your guidance.

Thank you!