Two FBA questions

Hi all,

I have two questions that I assume I know the answers to, but figure it’s worth asking:

  1. I have T1s and DWI images that are aligned after QSIPrep. After creating the wmfod population template in the FBA pipeline, is there any reason not to warp the T1s, average to create a template brain, and run 5ttgen. This way, the tckgen can use ACT and gmwmi seeding? The tracking seems reasonable when I do it, but was sure if there’s a functional reason why I shouldn’t.

  2. I have a relatively sizeable study (n = 216) where there are some subpopulation comparisons that would be of interest. Is it valid in fixcfestats to feed only some images for analysis even if all images were used for all of the population steps (e.g., template building, fixel-fixel connectivity). For example if I have men and women but am interested in a secondary analysis in only comparing the men who are age matched to post-menopausal women, do I need to include all 216 individuals in the design matrix or can I just use those specific individuals when running an analysis? Based on the way fixcfestats is run, I assume this is valid since I pass a text file with fixel files to use, but I figured I’d ask.