Unable to configure and build in windows 10

Hi folks

I am a newbie in mrtrix3 but I am going to work on it for long term. I am unable to configure and build mrtrix3 for windows.

While configuring it shows an error of python. the script seem to be an unix like script so it shows errors. I am pasting here the error.

Please help me sort out this error. I will appreciate if anyone advices.

Is this problem still current? It looks like there’s a conflict between the version of python installed on the system and the MSYS2-supplied version. Should be a simple matter of making sure that version is not in the PATH when launching the MSYS2 shell.

There’s also a chance that this could arise due to clicking on the wrong MSYS2 shell shortcut. The online installation documentation states that specifically the “MinGW-w64 Win64 shell” shortcut needs to be used.